Parenting You're Prodigal.....Educational Workshops for Parents of the Chemically Dependent.

Educational Workshops and Coaching for Parents of the Chemically Dependent

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September 2019 Workshop



The flagship and most valuable effort.  Presented in generous churches and based on the Prodigal Son parable found in Luke's Gospel, Chapter 15, Parenting Your Prodigal Workshops educate, enlighten and encourage attendees in their discovery of the truths, strategies, principles and thought processes most beneficial to both themselves and their substance abuser.  Eye opening insights and life changing results have been experienced by many.


Facilitated by Chris and/or Joe, Parenting Your Prodigal's Small Group Intensives, held in a conference room, are powerful three-hour interactive sessions with coaching, education and the exchange of  thoughts and experiences. These sessions are purchased by each attendee and the positive feedback following has revealed powerful forward movement in areas previously "stuck." 

 Worth every dime!  


Both Recovery Life Coaches, Chris and Joe  share an office in Phoenix.  Conducting sessions via phone, Skype, FaceTime or in office, they recognize how clients will often feel more comfortable in a one on one experience as opposed to a group dynamic. With dedication and commitment to themselves and healthier choices, clients team up with either Joe or Chris on their journey to personal peace and freedom.  And, often they even experience their substance abuser choose sobriety.  

About Us

Chris Harper


A Recovery Life Coach specializing in parents of the chemically dependent as well as being the parent of a recovering alcoholic herself,  Chris brings powerful, deep experiential wisdom to Workshops and Coaching.  Chris, twelve years sober and a former five year facilitator of PAL Group, worked also as a therapist in the treatment industry both with families and addicts.  Chris' no nonsense approach grants both clients and workshop attendees the choice to move forward with  courage.


Principles of the Prodigal


Presented in our workshop are  principles found within the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son.   The process of the Prodigal is rich with guidance and embedded with direction as we maneuver the rough road of having a chemically dependent adult child. Workshops cover many subjects and topics within addiction including, Separation, Deception, Selfless Love, How We Help,  Suffering, Caring for Ourselves and Allowing the Process.

Joe Ross


The father of a recovering addict, a recovering addict/alcoholic himself and currently a Primary Therapist within a local drug and alcohol rehab, Joe Ross has worked within every aspect of treatment including; detox, sober housing, in-patient and intensive outpatient for the last decade.   A dynamic presenter and powerful personality, Joe brings to our Workshops as well as his private coaching, a wealth of experience, rich with insight, truth and conviction

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